Google has been making a big push for big screens lately, with the debut of Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet behind it. Now, though, Google is apparently “considering” a combination of the two with a foldable Pixel tablet.

DigiTimes reports, citing supply chain sources, that both Google and Apple are considering foldable tablets. Neither company appears to have set plans at this point, but the report claims that if Google pulls the trigger, we could see a launch as soon as Google I/O 2024.

If Google introduces a foldable tablet, sources expect it will be the key product for Google I/O 2024.

It’s important to note the context here. The report only notes that Google is considering the device, not that it is actively on the roadmap. The timeline alone begs that this is taken with a grain of salt too. There’s a lot of room for doubt in all of this.

If Google were to launch a foldable Pixel tablet, it would be breaking new ground. While Android partners such as Lenovo and Asus have previously launched foldable tablets in the ThinkPad X1 Fold and Zenbook 17 Fold, they’ve been powered by Microsoft’s Windows. To date, no major brands have launched foldable tablets running Android.

Samsung has shown off foldable display concepts with Android, but none of those have made it to market.

On the Apple side of things, the report brings out that chances are “slim” for a foldable iPhone in 2024 and that a foldable iPad or Mac device wouldn’t be expected until at least 2026.___

Source: DigiTimes

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    So that they can abandon it in short order like they do with their messaging apps